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About Lesley Fletcher

My travels and experience in life have had a profound effect on my writing and my art.In each book I strive to connect on a personal level with the reader, the same way I would if we met personally. My art has now evolved into using abstract as a way of communicating emotions.

'5 Pillars of the Gypsy' is my latest release which combines art and verse and stands as a mixture of spiritualism and emotion.Each poem tells a story. Each story is meant to awaken the inner you and add meaning to life events. *Best viewed in colour as there are 50 art inclusions*

Over the past three years I have managed two trips with Habitat for Humanity - Global Village; one to Tajikistan and one to Jordan. Each of these trips included short stops in Istanbul which quickly became my favourite city to visit and explore. As a result I had the privilege of learning about Islam and its parallels with Christianity along with cultural customs.

 As a volunteer with Literacy Unlimited and Friends for Mental Health, I support and encourage education as a way to break barriers too, through knowledge and understanding. The adventurous laid back spirit in me has enabled me to become very adaptable to a variety of enjoyable experiences and delight in every one of them. My biggest pleasures are my biggest motivators.

'Prom Girls: A North American Rite of Passage' is my first book. Having gained valuable experience through my first publication has provided the ground work and motivation for her upcoming books.

My second book,' All I Want for Christmas Is a Wishmas Tree', tackles the ever more present problem of families integrating into a different culture and still retaining their own.

My third book is 'Hey Angel!' (www.hey-angel.com) which is an early reader that focuses on self-esteem. It is written in rhyme and has quickly become a favourite with the very young and their parents. Young readers along with their parents are invited to the accompanying website to 'ask the Angel' a question which is then answered on the site.

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