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Welcome to my Author and Artist site. I have recently added an RRS feed to my blog - Inspiration Import - It can be located by scrolling down and clicking on any of the titles in the left hand column of this Site. 
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Work in Progress

"The Incidental Gypsy"

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Lesley Fletcher

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 Art at a Glance

Art Prints

By clicking on the art piece shown above you will be taken to Fine Arts America where I have uploaded many pieces of art. Some originals are available as well a vast selection of alternative formats.
As you will notice my prices are kept very low. The reason for this is simple:
A few extra dollars will not change my life greatly but a piece of art can certainly impact someone elses.

Sincerely, Lesley Fletcher

Below is the cover of my latest book . To purchase a copy or 'take a peek' inside' please click on the image below. 
This book is a collection of verse and artwork designed to engage the reader and feed the Gypsy in their soul. The inclusion of 40 pieces of art paired with the writing allows for a personal  experience. 

"Lesley is a master at subtle, hidden meanings in her paintings, using fine white lines that seem to disappear until  one studies the paintings closely'"



Turquoise Eye


For any inquiries please contact me at Lesley@LesleyFletcher.com
 It would be my pleasure to show you more of my artwork as I am working weekly on new techniques.

If you like what you see and want to see more or need cover art or art for your home or office; my artwork can be purchased directly from me.

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